1st ICARMP (2018)

About ICARMP Conference need

Conference Need

In-coherence with the theme of the conference that relates actions research within multidisciplinary fields, the major purpose is to enable individuals through their action research, to discover innovative strategies to improve their practices and thus their contribution towards the larger society. Action research believes in the continuous efforts of ‘activist professionals. Action research is now common in educational, business, technology and social practices. Action researchers can seek success by co-option of their techniques for the technical improvement of practices. Thinking about action research as a social practice leads us to explore ways of extending the theory and practice of action research. Practice-led research in multidisciplinary perspectives is concerned with the nature of practice and leads to new knowledge that has operational significance for that practice in diverse fields encompassing business, social sciences and information technology. The main focus of the research is to advance knowledge about practice or to advance knowledge within the practice.


Through this event we invite experienced resource persons to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences on the contemporary issues and significance of Action Research relevant to but not limited to social sciences, business and management, education, and information technology. Therefore, aimed to create a practical impact of learning of the contributors at large through Action Based Research. This Conference will examine action research and its development both locally and internationally in the multidisciplinary domains of education, management, business, and IT.


1st ICARMP 2018 invites intellectual dignitaries, industry experts and university students representing a wide range of disciplines to take maximum advantage from this integrated platform involving three key stakeholders to share their knowledge and ideas on the significance of action research. Prospective participants are invited to speak in plenary sessions, sharing their key insights and recommending appropriate solutions to prevailing challenges of bridging the gaps between theory and practice. The purpose is to develop mutual understanding among various stakeholders on the central point of action research and its useful implications for academicians and professionals.

Conference Exhibitions

  • Poster display of ideas by the students
  • Stalls for applied projects in industry by the academicians and students./li>
  • Stall for applied projects invited by the industry.
  • Contract finalization between the stakeholders on applied projects’ accomplishment through the integrated efforts of professionals, academic faculties and students engaged in research work.
  • Certificates of participation to all the exhibitors.

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