Research Articles

  1. Civilization and Organization Theory: A New Epistemological Discourse
  2. “Faith & Reason: A Synthesis in Pakistani Society”
  3. “Towards Statistical Measurement of University Culture: An Empirical Pilot Study”
  4. A Brief History of OT
  5. Assessing the link between Intellectual Capital Formation and Performance of a University”
  6. Dispositional Causes of Intrinsic Motivation
  7. Effect of Mentoring on the Teaching Skills of B.Ed Level Students during Teaching Practice
  8. Gender Differences in Leadership Style at the University Level
  9. KEY TERMS: Curriculum, Implementation, Head Teacher, Secondary Level Practicum: A Need in Teacher Education
  10. Organizational Democracy and Organization Structure Link: Role of Strategic Leadership & Environmental Uncertainty
  11. Strategic options of U.S in its Conflict with Iran: Spillover in Pakistan
  12. The Current Context Teachers and Teaching in Pakistan
  13. The Effect of Caste on Leadership Styles at the School Level in Punjab
  14. The Implementation of Curricula at secondary level: the role of head teacher
  15. Determinants of Sinic Civilization and their impact on Organization Theory
  16. From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Historical Discourse on Western Civilization
  17. Comparative analysis of marketing externalities and process knowledge spillovers among various industrial clusters of Pakistan.
  18. Political Economy of Sugarcane, Analysis of nationwide Survey of sugarcane growers.
  19. Sectoral studies project by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
  20. “Analytical Study of Chambers of Commerce in Pakistan” Project funded by CIPE Pakistan
  21. Agricultural Policies of Pakistan; Farmers’ Perspective, Funded by South Asia Partnership Pakistan
  22. Commercialization of innovation, developed Feasibility Studies for 13 different agricultural products innovated at University of Agricultural Faisalabad, Innovation Commercialization Project by HEC and USAID.
  23. Economic Freedom in Pakistan at sub national level
  24. Coronary Heart Disease and Five Factor Model of Personality: A Statistical Assessment of the Link

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