Missions of SPA

SPA pursues a three-pronged mission:

Instructional Mission

  • To serve as a source of knowledge and expertise for the students’ education and professional development through designing state-of-the-art programs and courses.
  • To continuously experiment in developing new programs and instructional models which enhance educational quality for SPA students.
  • To provide high quality research-based master degree programs.
  • To pitch the same level of intensity by all faculty members (permanent and visiting) in all classes and all courses.

Pedagogical Mission

  • To ensure that ‘learning by doing’ approach, underpinned by the philosophy of reflection-change-action, is demonstrated by the faculty throughout all SPA programs.
  • To encourage students to think critically about their academic as well as personal frames of references and to provide them the skills and abilities to challenge their own and others’ habits of mind and points of view.
  • To ensure provision of technology supported learning environment in and off the classes.

Curricular Mission

  • To transform SPA students into better individuals and members of society.
  • To serve as a liaison and a resource between industry and academia.
  • To enable all SPA staff members to increase their academic and professional knowledge as a means of constantly improving the school and its activities.

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