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CRU is developing its expertise for inscription of teaching case studies through a process of transfiguring participants’ projects. They are used as a teaching instrument to show the purpose of a theory or concept related to genuine situations, depending on what rationale do they serve in class, like as an assisting tool or as an examining study. They vary in nature, may be fact-driven and deductive for accurate response, or can be circumstance based where multiple explanations may arouse and provides reflection on practices especially in the context of Pakistan. Source of real time case studies are competency taken from capstone projects being carried out and complied in SPA.

Teaching case study highlights link between contextual factors surrounding the subject matter and their unique relationship that tend to vary from case to case. Within class room setting CRU cases creates a real time exposure for pupils to indulge and expose to subject grounded in actual Pakistani business context. These teaching cases focus on a variety of topics including organizational change, sales performance, and team motivation, impact of computer technology in business, performance management system, and strategic management.

Holistic nature of case study makes it implicate in variety of subjects pertaining in different business functions. They ignite thinking practices and extensive class discussions to critically review distress or problem, present analysis and indigenous solution to the problem. Each teaching case study comes up with teaching notes and teaching questions.

Titles of some of teaching cases are:

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