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MPS Organizational Development and Consultancy


Change is the only constant in life and in todays’ era organizations need people who can understands the science of change management, as well as the art of guiding people and teams. MPS Organizational Development and Consultancy (MPS ODC) designed to enhance the competencies of professionals,to effectively anticipate and lead change in organization. It develops professionals to assume leadership roles in the transformation of organizations through its emphasis on academic rigor in relation with organizations practices. The field of OD focuses on behavioral science aspect of organizational systems and mange change by a participative and systems-based approach.

List of Courses

Any 08 courses will be taught, depending upon the requirement of the time, along with final year research thesis/project.

  1. Advance Research Methods
  2. Organizational Consultancy
  3. Organizational Development
  4. Organizational Theory and Diagnosis
  5. Organization Analysis and Strategy
  6. Organizational System and Cultural Design
  7. Seminar in Professional Study
  8. Organizational Psychology
  9. Organizational Development for Corporate Trainers
  10. The OD Practitioner
  11. Leadership Development and Coaching in Organization
  12. Project Management for Professionals
  13. Strategic Organizational Design
  14. Change Facilitation and Group Dynamics
  15. Leadership Skills Development workshop
  16. Research Thesis/ Project

Admission Criteria

A prospective applicant to an MPS or 18 Years equivalent program must have:

  1. 16 Years of formal education with no more than one second division or less than 2.50 CGPA throughout the academic career.
  2. No third division in entire academic career.
  3. Pass any of the following with 50% marks:
    1. GRE / GAT / NTS (General); or
    2. Admission Interview by UMT Graduate Admission Committee
  4. Minimum 50% marks in previous degree in case of annual system or 2.50/4.0 CGPA in case of semester system in the degree awarding institution for admission in UMT MPS programs.
  5. Fulfilled the minimum criteria of HEC for admission in MPS program. Meet the specific eligibility criteria, if any, of the department / school concerned.
  6. In case of an equivalent foreign qualification, an equivalent certificate from Higher Education Commission is mandatory.
  7. In case the foreign degree/transcript is in any language other than English or Urdu, an officially translated copy of the degree/transcript is mandatory.
  8. An officially translated copy is the one verified by the degree awarding institution, respective foreign ministry or an authorized public notary.

Program Advisor
Ms. Aizza Anwar
Email: [email protected]

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