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BPS Supply Chain Management


BPS of Supply Chain Management is a complete program structured to thrash all those areas required for the vivid conception supply chain management. People at all levels in organizations require broader perspectives combined with the ability and motivation to manage change. Existing management must constantly develop their competencies to manage the supply chain from strategy through implementation to competitive operation. There is also a prime need for the best professionals to provide a fresh, innovative impetus. In support of this need, this program provides training and education of a high academic standard that is relevant to modern industry.

Program Objectives

BPS of Supply Chain Management is an exceptional program structured to envisage the random changes in the field of supply chain management. The overall learning outcomes of the program are to:

  • Provide participants with a detailed knowledge of the theory and practice of supply chain management;
  • Develop graduate-level staff from all functions to initiate and manage multi-discipline teamwork aimed at radical improvements in supply chain capability; and
  • Prepare graduates of all disciplines for upward job mobility and provide personal development opportunities for staff parallel with meeting their job requirements.


No. of Courses For Non ADP Students = 27 x 3 = 81 credit hours
S/No.C/No.Title of CourseC-Hr.
Bridge Semester Courses for Non-ADP
(Student will be offered five courses from the following)
1 BP310 Management of Professional Organizations 3
2 BP331 Marketing Management 3
3 BP345 Financial Accounting Analysis 3
4 EC210 Microeconomics 3
5 BP333 Management Applications of ICT 3
5 BP336 Statistical Methods for Management Decisions 3
Semester V
6 BP354 Communication for Professionals 3(C9)
7 BP352 Research Methods 3(F7)
8 BP357 Entrepreneurship 3(F8)
9 BP360 Professional Practicum I 3(F9)
10 BP163 Organization Behavior 3
11 PM430 Operations Management 3
12 SD100 English Immersion 0)
Semester VI
13 Group A-1 3
14 Group A-2 3
15 Group A-3 3)
16 Group A-4 3)
17 BP493 Professional Practicum II 3)
18 SD102 21st Century Skills 0
Semester VII
19 Group B-1 3
20 Group B-2 3
21 Group B-3 3
22 Group B-4 3
23 Group A-5 3
24 Internship 0
25 Community Services 0
Semester VIII
26 Group A-6 3
27 Group A-7 3
28 Group A-8 3
29 Group A-9 3
30 Group A-10/ Project 1 3
31 Group A-11 / Project 2 3
Supply Chain Management
Group A/B
BP465 IT Applications in Project Management 3
BP490 Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) 3
BP445 Global Supply Chain Management 3
SC460 Inventory Control & Production System 3
SC480 Logistics System 3
MM455 Managing Supply Chain 3
SC475 Retailing and Distribution Management & Retailing & Merchandising 3
SM473 Supply Chain Performance 3
SM481 Supply Chain Quality Management 3
SM485 Material Management in Supply Chain 3
SM486 Supply Chain Analytics 3

Career Opportunities

BPS of Supply Chain Management provides the solution to those who want to link up offer and demand for services. Graduates from the SCM concentration receive the necessary theoretical as well as methodological foundation that is needed to solve the manifold supply chain problems. This includes a set of socio-economic theories which are necessary to understand the supply chain as a set of institutional collaborations as well as quantitative and qualitative methods for working out specific management problems. Graduates are able to analyze the competitiveness of a firm seen from a network’s point of view and are capable of analyzing the design of logistics structures. They also become proficient in generating SCM strategies including the establishment of partnership arrangements with customers and suppliers. They are able to work in supply chain management as:

  • Supply Chain Analysts and Consultants
  • Area Managers in Logistics and Transportation
  • Heads of Logistics and Planning Departments
  • Business and Infrastructure Development Managers
  • Sales Representatives in the Key Sales Channels
  • Operation Managers – Import/Export Departments
  • Senior Supply Chain Managers
  • Value Chain Management Instructors
  • Senior Buyers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Contract Administrators

Admission Criteria

A prospective applicant to a 14 Years equivalent BPSs program must have:

  • 14 Years qualification with 45% marks in case of annual system in the degree awarding institution.
  • 14 Years qualification with 2.0/4.0 CGPA in case of semester system in the degree awarding institution.
  • No 3rd Division in entire academic career
  • In case of an equivalent foreign qualification, an equivalent certificate from Higher Education Commission is mandatory.
  • In case the foreign degree/transcript is in any language other than English or Urdu, an officially translated copy of the degree/transcript is mandatory.
  • An officially translated copy is the one verified by the degree awarding institution, respective foreign ministry or an authorized public notary.

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