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Human resources are the real assets for any organization. Even more today than in the past, an organization's efficiency is impacted by the effectiveness of its human talent. The BPS of Human Resource Management (BPS HRM) program is designed for professionals who are seeking a career in HRM. This program seeks to inculcate HRM skills and capabilities in the participants. The major thrust of the program is to create a group of professionals, who are academically strong and judicious in their planning to contrive human resource for the best output, while possessing the capacity to work in a challenging environment. It encourages and prepares them to recognize and utilize the strategic importance of HRM in an organization. This program aims to produce individuals with sound theoretical background and intellectual capabilities which are necessary for executives of modern organizations.

Program Objectives

The program has been structured in a way to envisage fast changes in the field of human resource nationally and globally. It facilitates participants in:

  • Understand the needs of progressive global organizations from HR Perceptive
  • Use metrics and HR key concepts to develop critical thinking and creatively tackle diverse challenges
  • Learn to live with ethical principles in both personal and professional life
  • It encourages and prepares students to recognize the importance of employee development, appropriate staffing in an organization.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has acknowledged that School of Professional Advancement’s BPS of Human Resource Management fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. Throughout the world, around 313 programs in 236 educational institutions have been acknowledged by SHRM as being in alignment with its suggested guides and templates. The HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates were developed by SHRM to define the minimum HR content areas that should be studied by HR students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, globally.

S/No.C/No.Title of CourseC-Hr.
Bridge Semester Courses for Non-ADP (Student will be offered five courses from the following)
1 BP310 Management of Professional Organizations 3
2 BP331 Marketing Management 3
3 BP345 Financial Accounting Analysis 3
4 EC210 Microeconomics 3
5 BP333 Management Applications of ICT 3
5 BP336 Statistical Methods for Management Decisions 3
Semester V
6 BP354 Communication for Professionals


7 BP352 Research Methods


8 BP357 Entrepreneurship


9 BP360 Professional Practicum I


10 BP163 Organization Behavior 3
11 PM430 Operations Management 3
12 SD100 English Immersion 0)
Semester VI
13 Group A-1 3
14 Group A-2 3
15 Group A-3 3)
16 Group A-4 3)
17 BP493 Professional Practicum II 3)
18 SD102 21st Century Skills 0
Semester VII
19 Group B-1 3
20 Group B-2 3
21 Group B-3 3
22 Group B-4 3
23 Group A-5 3
24 Internship 0
25 Community Services 0
Semester VIII
26 Group A-6 3
27 Group A-7 3
28 Group A-8 3
29 Group A-9 3
30 Group A-10/ Project 1 3
31 Group A-11 / Project 2 3
Human Resource Management Group A/B
HR 335 Managing Human Capital 3
HR430 HR Training and Development 3
HR435 Performance Management System 3
HR440 Compensation and Benefit Management 3
HR-465 Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills 3
BH480 Human Resource Information Systems 3
HR480 Diversity and Change Management 3
HR474 Industrial Relation and Labor Laws Compliance 3
HR475 Team Building Skills Development Workshop 3
HR470 Negotiation Skills Development Workshop 3
BH460 Psychometric Testing 3
HR421 Succession Planning and Mentoring 3

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of this program would lead participants to dynamic careers in managerial capacities in business organizations in both the public as well as the private sector as human resource executives and human resource managers.

Actual placement (near future)

The HRM BPS can lead to a large variety of jobs directly after finishing your HRM ranging from HR generalist to recruiter, HR trainer and compensation and benefit specialist.

Aspirational job (far future)

This program aims to develop the captains of industry of the future, including HR managers, HR business partners, and HR strategic partners. In addition, this program could lead you to become CEO or successful entrepreneur with strong knowledge of human behavior in organizations.

Admission Criteria

A prospective applicant to a 14 Years equivalent BPSs program must have:
  1. 14 Years qualification with 45% marks in case of annual system in the degree awarding institution.
  2. 14 Years qualification with 2.0/4.0 CGPA in case of semester system in the degree awarding institution.
  3. No 3rd Division in entire academic career
  4. In case of an equivalent foreign qualification, an equivalent certificate from Higher Education Commission is mandatory.
  5. In case the foreign degree/transcript is in any language other than English or Urdu, an officially translated copy of the degree/transcript is mandatory.
An officially translated copy is the one verified by the degree awarding institution, respective foreign ministry or an authorized public notary.

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