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SPA participation in IBCE 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

We are pleased to share with you that SPA had made very healthy and positive participation in IBCE 2016. MCS/MICT students had presented four different projects as follows


·         ALPHA


It is a cloud based ERP solution. It is designed to meet requirement of every industry, but especially for education industry.


·         Electronic Supply Chain Management System


Web based Supply Chain Management system which integrates suppliers, warehouses, distribution centers and retailers so that faster and more flexible coordination can be achieved between a company and its customers.


·         RATKU


Ratku is a web based car rental system to facilitate the local Car Rental Companies. It acts as a bridge between the customer and local car rental.


·         Laser Projector


A laser projector is a device that projects images and animations by manipulating laser beams. Laser projector has multiple possible applications, navigation assistance for bicyclists and holographic technology.


It is also worth mentioning that Worthy Rector of UMT Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad, Turkish delegates and other companies had visited SPA stall and students briefed them about different project’s functionality.



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