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Academic Case Study

Academic case study gives a chance to study in depth any particular aspect of real-world dilemma from a variety of angles. Its main advantage is that it relates an exclusive domain of any course and provides ample amount of knowledge to make sound grounds for further discussion and recommendations. It comes up with previous studies in addition to current revelations, adding to the body of knowledge.

It contains contemporary grounded issues having multiple data points that come in both quantitative and qualitative research domains, having primary and secondary data for providing clear picture of phenomenon in hand. It is used as an additional theoretical grounding in class discussion as well as for publication in journals. Writing academic case study is like telling the reader a little about focus of the study. Why do you choose this case in particular? Information is given which provides the scene and context of the case. Sharing the structure of the assignment with reader, telling them what will be discussed.

It should be made clear to the reader what its aims are? This may include a series of short term goals in order to accomplish the overall aim of the organization, any problems identified or how they are planned to overcome and solve them. It may include some background information if it is relevant to present case. For instance if the case study is based on a person his relevant history can be discussed. If it is an institution/business its previous performance may be given.

In writing academic case study, eight sections are kept under consideration. Executive summary/abstract presents principle of case study; field of research is view of the company, hurdle in its functioning and results along with theory used for further solution. Findings section has facts and figures underlying dilemma and in Discussion alternative solutions to problem are described and also referred to theory.

Conclusion summarizes key points of case and recommendations provide a range of solutions. Implementation describes what measures should be taken, references are sited in APA style and if needed, appendices are attached for aiding information about case. An example of academic case study is “Obexus Group: The Journey from Nebulous to a Framed and Well-Regulated Entity.”

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